Be a part of history recreated

Our group is family friendly, with a membership of individuals, couples and families of all ages who join together to provide an accurate portrayal of life in the 17th century.
Our events take place in some of the most beautiful historical settings in the country from castles to cottages, country fairs to manor houses.
So why not come and see or join in the fun and experience camp life as a member of the gentry, musketeer or a camp follower.
We have an extensive range of examples of 17th Century life, and examples of objects that would have been used in that period.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and welcome members of the public to handle the various examples on display and talk to us about our particular role or duty. You will also be able to participate in some of the demonstrations.

Membership is open to all suitable persons who have a passion for re creating living history relating to the 17th Century.
Membership application forms are available from our membership secretary Katie Daniels

Please e-mail your details using the contact page.
To include name and address, age and gender including any other contact information.

Our activities include examples of


17th Century Cooking


Musket Drill and Firing


Live Cannon Firing


Pole Arms

A few of our team

Tina Bevan - Chairperson
Chairperson - Tina Bevan...
Graham Bevan - Secretary
Secretary - Graham Bevan...
Paul Lennox - Powder Master
Powder Master - Paul Lennox...